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A few things in your life might seem better on repeat; however, the same boring sex positions are a big NO! Even when you want the hottest spark in the bedroom, new sex positions are a must to keep the flames up. Anytime you introduce something new and novel into the bedroom, you set yourself up for a better experience and satisfaction. With Connaught Place Escort Services, try out the new and smokin' hot positions to give a spark to your boring life.

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All of you might know this position very well. Russian Call Girls will lie on the bed while you are on the top, both of you facing toward their lower body. While your genitals are lined up with her mouth, her vagina will be lined up with yours. If you feel uncomfortable in this way, the call girls in Connaught Place can also try it in a side-by-side position. They are also an expert in using sex toys if you find it difficult to concentrate, thus giving you the best experience.


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Forget the traditional up and down, in and out penetration, and experience the classic missionary position with our Russian Call Girls. When she straddles her body to allow for mutual genital touching, that extra sensation will turn you on more. Our call girls are best at making any new sex position very comfortable. You can even make her lie over a pillow and penetrate from behind. These will give you control over her and allow deeper penetration.

Connaught Place Escort Services are ready to Have New Experiences

You can even try out the duo position with them. If you are someone who likes to dominate, then this position is for you. The duo is a position that can accommodate all types of penetration, giving you a view of all her expressions. Connaught Place Escort Services are pros at this, and they adjust their pelvis so that you can accommodate your entry and find your rhythm. In this position, you can even press their breasts and finger their clit to make it more erogenous and exciting. If you want to skip the penetration part, you can even go for some erogenous play in this position.

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Want to try the Cowgirl sex position? Connaught Place Escort Services are there at your service. This sex position is the best as it puts less stress on your legs, making you orgasm faster. Not only this, when the female partner is dominant, it delays your climax time and intensifies your orgasm to a greater level. While the Russian Call girls penetrate themselves, you can play with their tits or even ask them to lean down to kiss you. You can even change the depth and pressure by asking her to bring her chest closer. Add in some neck kisses and nipple play to make it hotter.

Try Out Some Sexy Positions with the Russian Call Girls

Connaught Place Escort Services give you the best experience of all time. They know all the classic positions and the ones that might have come into play recently. One position to try is the Ballet Dance position. Here, both of you stand facing each other. Just hold her legs up and penetrate from the front. The Russian Call girls are flexible enough to put their raised legs on your shoulder for deeper penetration and high clitoral stimulation.


1. What all sex positions can I try out with the Connaught Place Escort Services?

Connaught Place Escort Services are ready for any new sex positions that you want to try out. So, without thinking for once, you must tell them your needs and see them doing their job.

2. Can I bring the call girls to my room for service?

Yes, our Escort Services allows you to take our call girls to your house for a particular period of time. We can assure you that at the minimal cost they will provide you the best service possible.

3. How can I connect better with the call girls of Connaught Place Escorts?

Look into her eyes while penetrating, kiss her, and connect more with her. Our call girls will never make you feel alone and will be there to give you the utmost fun even at your lowest times.

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